Bampiel is a Spanish company, with great devotion in leather goods (leather tanning). Bampiel was created in the year 2000 but its craftsmen have many years of experience in the manufacture of leather goods. The headquarters of our company is located in Ubrique, Cádiz.

Bampiel manufactures its purses in Ubrique, made entirely with real leather by hand by our best leather craftsmen.

  • Our purses are classic and elegant wallets.
  • Our company manufactures the authentic and incomparable heeled purses.
  • We manufacture our purses for major national and international brands.

"Old Leatherwork Workshop"

"Two women sewing in the street"

We are a company, whose headquarters is in Ubrique (Cradle of leather article) with great devotion to preserve high quality manufacturing in our products.

From our humble beginnings, the main objective has always been to conserve the artisan traditions united to the vanguard of the fashion, with the modern techniques of manufacture and taking care of the maximum details to offer a few Moroccan products of the best quality.

The creation of our designs, products of experience and fashion, coupled with the quality and color of the leathers with which we manufacture our products are: elegant and attractive.

In Ubrique, skin is art.

The climate, the abundance of water, the limestone and the cork oaks (from where the tannin is extracted) are the main elements for the vegetable tanning of the skins.

It is not clear the origins of the tanning in Ubrique, if they are Roman or medieval. At first it gave rise to the manufacture of shoes and belts, and later to other items such as precisos, petacas, etc ...

To Ubrique marroquinero, where artisan knowledge, together with modern industrial techniques, make Ubrique manufacture the best leather goods in the world.

"Women sewing on the doors of their homes"

"Francisco Martínez, current manager of BamPiel"